Patio Heaters

Keep warm year round with these stylish heaters

Lava Heat Italia

About Lava Heat

After years of creative research, hard work, and dedication Lava Heat Italia was formed to introduce its world renowned Lava Heaters. Their goal was to create attractive and radiant outdoor heating devices that would help illuminate an inviting ambiance. Lava Heat Italia went to great lengths to build a brilliant outdoor heating device that looked and worked like a million dollar machine but was still affordable for all to purchase.

Our Collections

  • 2G
  • Lava Lite
  • Opus
  • Alto
  • Lava Mini
  • Venetian

Napoleon Patio Heaters

About Napoleon

Outdoor living is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that brings you relaxation, well-being and priceless moments with family
and friends. It’s about surrounding your outdoor space with products that reflect your style and make you feel good. The years of experience, care and quality results in the creation of products that possess a timeless and enduring style, worthy of a place in your home.

Our Models

  • SKYFire Bellagio
  • SKYFire Bullet
  • SKYFire 40
  • SKYFire 38
  • SKYFire 11