Amazing Rubaroc

Amazing Rubaroc

Decked Out Home & Patio transformed this cracked concrete pool apron with a Rubaroc maintenance free accent border.

Rubaroc is a slip-resistant surface that not only enhances the look of your playground, splash pad, pool deck, patio or walkaways but also provides comfort, resilience and style. It is comfortable to walk on with bare feet and is durable enough to withstand our Canadian climate without cracking like concrete. Rubaroc is aesthetically pleasing as it is available in many different colours and allows you to cover up cracks and stains without the use of heavy bothersome equipment. Rubaroc is stain resistant and easy to maintain as it cleans with normal soap and water. It won’t crack or fade and is slip and UV resistant so it will keep its vibrant colors and design for many years.

Originally created for the swimming pool deck industry it can also be used in a wide variety of applications from water parks and playgrounds, schools and child care facilities, golf clubs and hotels, private and public housing associations, recreational centres  and much more.

Decked Out Home & Patio is the official distributor and installer of Rubaroc in Northern BC.

Preparing the Grill

Preparing the Grill

Here is a great grilling tip from Napoleon Barbecues

A common mistake in grilling is to start cooking when the temperature is too low. When you preheat your grill, be sure to wait at least 15 minutes before grilling; use the gauge to its advantage. Depending on what you’re cooking, check to see if you have the burners turned on the correct heat. If you are doing a low and slow cooked meal, preheating the grill to around 200 degrees is safe to start cooking. For everything else, the 300-400 degree range is the best to start placing food on the grill.

Believe it or not, when grilling burgers, steaks, or chicken on direct heat, it’s best not to close the lid. This causes a build-up of acrid smoke and gives food a tough and ashy flavour. Same goes when using charcoal; make sure that when you light the charcoal, you give it at least 20 minutes to get ready.

Lastly, season your cooking grids; nothing is worse than losing half of your meat stuck on the grill. You can season your grids by using any fat or oil (except olive oil), and coat them using a cotton cloth or paper towel. Quickly run this over the grids before placing your food; this will make sure nothing sticks!

For more tips, visit Napoleon Grills

The Annual EGGtoberfest®

The 17th Annual Eggtoberfest was held in Atlanta Georgia on October 11, 2014. The fest originated in 1998 as a way for Big Green Egg to say “Thank You” to loyal customers that regularly logged on to the Forum to chat and share recipes and experiences and found themselves becoming fast friends. The first year, about 100 Big Green Egg pioneers attended the cookout at the American Legion Hall in Atlanta, with 15 cooks firing up an EGG. Now the event has grown to a fun-filled weekend celebration where more than 200 EGGs are fired up by new and experienced EGGheads to feed the enthusiastic crowd of over 3000 people. This is a great event and a great way to introduce the wonders of the EGG to new BBQ enthusiasts. We have included a video link in this post for you to see for yourself.